Regional Hispanic Institute

Mission Statement:

To Empower Minority Business Communities by Developing and Implementing Educational Programs.

The Regional Hispanic Institute (RHI) is a a 501c-3 tax-exempt organization, the RHI is able to provide its Business Community with Educational Opportunities and Programs.The RHI seeks to Harness the Skills, Education and Resources to assist the next Generation of Leaders.As we continue our work to increase the visibility of Latinos and all Minorities and Promote an image of Diverse Professionalism, it’s encouraging to see the Economic, Political, Educational and Social Contributions of Latinos being recognized in Southern California and across the nation.

Purpose of the Regional Hispanic Institute

Purpose of The Regional Hispanic Institute

To develop and implement educational programs that provide minority  business communities with the fundamental tools to foster economic growth and improve the quality of life in the state of California.


Investments in minority housing, education, health, procurement and businesses development.

The Regional Hispanic Institute is an organization dedicated towards improving the quality of life for Minority Businesses and Communities.

Non Discrimination policy:

“To provide equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status”

The institute’s strategy revolves around five (5) central programs:

  • Workforce Development
  • Procurement
  • Business Development
  • Access to Capital and Financial Literacy
  • Mentorship

The Regional Hispanic Institute Programs

Regional Hispanic Institute Mentorship Program
Lideres del 2021

Purpose of the program: have access to a network of professionals to help and guide the student (mentee) advance in his/her professional career and learn how to build a relationships with business professionals (mentor).

Marketing Ambassadors: leaders from different organizations in CSULB who will be in charge of promoting the program. The ambassadors will also be in charge of providing a list from students who have interest in participating in the program. The list consists of student information including: name, major/minor, email, phone number, and expected graduation date.

Identify the Marketing Ambassadors: Ulises Guzman – HSBA President, Jasmine Martos – HSBA Vice President, Christopher Castillo Vargas – HSBA Public Relations Executive

Identify Criteria:

  • Business Major/Minor (Entrepreneurship, Finance, HRM, Information Systems, Marketing)
  • Must be a senior
  • Must be a member of any CBA student organizations

Mandatory Criteria:

  • Submit a resume
  • Write a journal towards the end of the program (a synopsis of their experience)
  • Must attend the info session
  • Must attend one job shadow day
  • Must attend FIVE 1-hour meetings via phone, zoom, google meets, or in person
  • Must attend Graduation

Info Session (Thursday, September 23, 2021, via Zoom): introduction to the mentees/mentors, inform students on common topics such as emotional intelligence, mentorship programs, & the corporate world, and talk about expectations of the program including the requirements that must be met. Towards the end, their will be breakout rooms to encourage mentees to network with a few mentors in the room.

Follow – Up Meetings (October 2021 – December 2021): Mentees will attend FIVE 1-hour meetings with their mentors

  • 1st Meeting: Introduction between the mentors and the mentees. Go over goals, career tips, and any other questions you may have
  • 2nd Meeting: Go over your resume
  • 3rd Meeting: Go over your LinkedIn Profile
  • 4th Meeting: Go over Networking advice, professional etiquette, and follow-up emails with professionals
  • 5th Meeting: Go over job hunting advise, interviewing consultations and Imposter Syndrome

Graduation Night July 2022

Certificates will be provided to students who complete all mandatory requirements from the program. If you have any questions, contact Sandy Cajas via cell @ (562) 212–2889.

SoCal 2021 

The goal of the RHI’s Annual Conference is to elevate discussion and participation among business owners, corporate business leaders, community leaders, and government officials to address issues of relevance to the business community.

We welcome Business Owners, Suppliers, Entrepreneurs, Corporations, Buyers, and Government Agencies to participate!

“This event is a great opportunity for all small business owners to get in front of decision makers in both the public and private sectors and help their business grow”- Luis Martinez, CEO, Martinez Sign, Inc

“Economic Development is our passion. The Chamber members, sponsors and attendees enjoy this annual event and it gets larger and larger every year. We expect to sell out once again!”- Sandy Cajas, President & CEO of the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

Mujeres del Año Awards

Since 2003, The Regional Hispanic Institute has hosted its annual “Mujeres Del Año” Awards Gala- a grand evening that celebrates the outstanding demonstration of Character, Commitment, Civility, Community, and Citizenship of Mujeres in our communities; from a broad representation of disciplines and areas are awarded for several categories that benefit our community.