Regional Hispanic Institute

Mission Statement:

To empower low-income, minority, and business communities by developing and implementing educational programs that give alternatives for life preparation and life-long learning.


In 2003, the Regional Hispanic Chamber of Commerce developed its educational support component, the Regional Hispanic Institute (RHI). As a 501c-3 tax-exempt organization, the RHI is able to provide its community with educational opportunities that is illustrated in its mission. The RHI stands as one preeminent organization.

Since its inception, the RHI’s guiding precept and goal was to galvanize and unify the ever- growing community of Latino Leaders in California. The RHI also seeks to harness the skills, education and resources of Latino Leaders to assist the next generation of leaders.

As we continue our work to increase the visibility of Latinos and promote an image of diverse professionalism, it’s encouraging to see the economic, political, educational and social contributions of Latinos being recognized in Southern California and across the nation.

Purpose of the Regional Hispanic Institute

Purpose of The Regional Hispanic Institute

To develop and implement educational programs that provide low-income, minority, and business communities with the fundamental tools to foster economic growth and improve the quality of life in the state of California.


Financial investments in minority housing, education, health, procurement and businesses development.

Non Discrimination policy:

“To provide equal employment opportunity to qualified individuals regardless of race, color, sex, national origin, citizenship, religion, age, disability, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender identity or marital status”

The institute’s strategy revolves around nine central programs and projects:

The Regional Hispanic Institute is an organization dedicated towards improving the quality of life for low-income, minority, and business communities.

The institute’s strategy revolves around five (5) central programs:

  •  Workforce Development
  • Procurement Certification
  • Healthcare and Worker’s Compensation
  • Access to Capital and Financial Literacy
  • Home Ownership

The Regional Hispanic Institute Programs

The Lideres Regional Mentorship Program

The Regional Hispanic Institute “Lideres” Mentorship  program is a Regional program created to increase opportunities for University Students, The program will maximize their influence as leaders in the Southern California Region.

We aim to support and nurture young leadership across all sectors of society. We seek to Develop Future Generations of Professionals, Corporate Executives, and Community Leaders. The RHI is focused on making stronger connections and linking young Leaders with high-ranking officers in a wide-variety of business fields.

The intent is to allow students to gain valuable insight into what it takes to be successful and begin building a strong network.

Regional Hispanic Institute Lideres Council

The Regional Hispanic Institute Lideres Council is a program  program created for California State University Long Beach Students and Graduates that have been part of the Regional Lideres Mentorship Program.

The program will maximize their influence as leaders in the Southern California Business Region.

The Regional Hispanic Institute Lideres Council  is focused on making stronger connections and linking young Leaders with high-ranking officers in a wide-variety of business fields.

Students and Recent graduates serve on the Regional Hispanic Institute Lideres  Council for two years with the option to continue every two years.Each student receives a stipend for the volunteering hours he or she serves.

Mujeres del Año Awards

Since 2003, The Regional Hispanic Institute has hosted its annual “Mujeres Del Año” Awards Gala- a grand evening that celebrates the outstanding demonstration of Character, Commitment, Civility, Community, and Citizenship of Mujeres in our communities; from a broad representation of disciplines and areas are awarded for several categories that benefit our community.