At Andeavor, we rely on our Vision, Strategic Priorities and Guiding Principles to inform the way we conduct business. We set high expectations for employees at every level, and this helps us to operate as a trusted and valued business partner, a good corporate citizen and a successful Company.

On June 1, 2017, Tesoro acquired Western Refining and announced that the company would adopt a new name, Andeavor, effective August 1, 2017. The change in our name has its roots in our decision some years ago to create a special company, one that delivers ever greater value to all our stakeholders by bringing out the best in each other.

Our rapid evolution, growth and improved performance driven by the extraordinary efforts of our employees and the addition of outstanding talent and assets, has transformed our company. Our new name acknowledges the significant progress we have made and signals our aspiration to continue establishing Andeavor as a premier marketing, logistics and refining company. We aim to be better in every way – for our people, our customers, our shareholders, our business partners and our communities.

While we’ve changed our name, it’s important to note that some things have not changed, such as our steadfast commitments to safety, environmental responsibility, and to being a good employer and responsible member of the communities where we operate.

Our new company name, Andeavor, is a custom-created word that acknowledges the transformational journey we’ve been on. It benefits from similarity to the word “endeavor” – making it easy to say and remember, but it has been evolved to reflect the upward direction and aspiration. Andeavor evokes our journey toward making a difference, and is also a promise to keep improving, keep evolving and keep delivering ever-greater value to all our stakeholders.