KP Public Affairs

KP Public Affairs provides superior services in the advocacy, public relations and regulatory arenas. We can implement each of our services individually or develop an integrated and comprehensive program to meet our clients’ needs. KP professionals have extensive issue expertise and can quickly get to the heart of complicated policy matters. We are skilled in translating complex topics into real world impacts that can inform the public debate and motivate stakeholder action.

Together Michael Kahl and Frederick Pownall built KP Public Affairs into the largest public affairs management firm in California. Each had established his own, very successful advocacy practice beginning in the 1970s. In 1996, they joined together to create the modern firm, offering advocacy and analysis in a steadily expanding program of client services. Public Relations was added as an essential component of effective representation in 1998. In 2004, KP Public Affairs successfully completed the transition of the firm’s management and ownership to a larger partnership of senior professionals. And in 2005, the company further expanded the scope of its representation through a merger with the lobbying firm Manning & Associates.

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