Plains All American Pipeline

Plains All American Pipeline

Plains All American Pipeline is engaged in the transportation, storage, terminalling and marketing of crude oil, as well as in the processing, transportation, fractionation, storage and marketing of natural gas liquids (“NGL”). We own and operate a diversified portfolio of strategically located assets that play a vital role in the movement of U.S. and Canadian energy supplies. On average we handle over 3.9 million barrels per day of crude oil and NGL through our extensive network of assets located in key North American producing basins, major market hubs and transportation gateways. The company is headquartered in Houston.
Public Education

Plains All American conducts an ongoing educational program designed to provide the public, appropriate government organizations and persons engaged in excavation activities with the information necessary to be able to recognize a petroleum pipeline emergency and to report it to Plains All American or the local fire, police or other appropriate public official.

Public awareness and safety information will be disseminated to all known tenants, lessees and owners of property traversed by a pipeline system and residents reasonably close to the pipeline at least every two years. Similar information will be presented annually to representatives of fire, police and emergency officials whose communities are traversed by the pipeline.

Information presented to the public may include pipeline safety and leak recognition materials published by the American Petroleum Institute, One Call Systems or Plains All American. This material includes emergency numbers for Plains All American as well as damage prevention information.