Briana is currently a third year student pursuing a Bachelor of Science degree in Consumer Affairs at California State University Long Beach.

Miss. Volpe currently hold the position of President at the Hispanic Students Business Association. Briana is an intern at Target and Amazon Student Prime Ambassador. She has a strong passion for giving back and being a leader to serve others. Her vision as President with HSBA has been to ensure that members are provided with the right resources and knowledge they need to succeed in their professional development and personal lives as well. She loves obtaining leadership positions for the sole purpose of serving others and making a difference in their lives.

Briana believes there is always room for growth and that is why being a part of this Regional Hispanic Institute Lideres mentorship program and being partnered with a mentor will continue to contribute towards her growth. This Mentorship program will also give her the opportunity to receive great experience and advice from professionals that will last a lifetime. Miss. Volpe is looking forward to partaking in a very inspiring program.