Adolfo Ricado, is a graduate of California State University, Long Beach (CSULB) and graduate of the Regional Hispanic Institute, Mentorship Matchmaking Program. Adolfo graduated from CSULB in 2014 and since then started his business practice in insurance and financial services with the New York Life Insurance Company.

Adolfo currently works with independent business owners and families, he puts together financial strategies to help his client reach their most desired financial goals. He specializes in business planning and retirements planning. He has being successful in helping business owners protect, grow, unlock, and preserve the value of their business and personal finances using different strategies and financial tools that are the most cost effective and tax efficient for them.

His mission is to become a financial resource for independent business owners, their associates, their employees, and their respected families. As a Latino business owner himself, he is able to adequately and effectively explain important business strategies both in English and Spanish. This helps him be a resource to the Latino business community who feel more comfortable speaking in their native language. Ultimately he wants to bring more financial literacy and awareness to the communities he serves. Contact him to set an appointment to get a free financial checkup, either for your business or personal finances, he will help you identify your financial blind spots and recommend adequate strategies to help you eliminate them.