Hector Mendoza, Jr. is the founder of Roque Development and Investment, Inc. (RDI). He brings over a decade of experience in working with telecommunications and other service providers. As CEO of RDI, he has established a vision that focuses on providing RDI’s clients with stellar service and an unmatched quality of products.
Hector Mendoza, Jr. was born and raised in Los Angeles County. The son of Mexican immigrants, both of who come from a family of nine siblings, Hectorlearned early on what hard work meant from his parent’s and grandparent’s example. Growing up with such a large extended family and a father often looked to for family leadership as the eldest of his siblings, instilled Hector with a sense of community and sacrifice for the greater good that he carries today.
After graduating high school, Hector began his first company; a small paintball supply business that he ran out of his parent’s garage. He pursued an education and went on to gain valuable experience in the telecommunications, real estate, and construction industry; earning a Master’s degree in Business Administration, becoming a licensed realtor, and a licensed general contractor. Envisioning a company that could address various aspects of development for a variety of stakeholders, Hector founded Roque Development & Investment, Inc (RDI) in 2009.
He is very proud of RDI’s diverse work force and certification as a minority-owned business. As President and CEO, Hector has set a large vision for RDI’s future and continues to stride towards those goals.
Hector and his wife are expecting their first born!